The solution

A timesaver. That’s what we offer. More time on the road, where it’s all about you, your bike, and the road you travel. How? By simply removing all the ‘noise’. With a Stasdock you don’t lose any time removing other junk first to get at your bike or to hunt around for your accessories. Everything you need for biking can be found on the rock-solid and sleek Stasdock. So you’re not wasting a second.


The Stasdock is comprised of two solid, bended components. Both have a tough powder-coated finish, so you can choose a colour you like. Besides, the deceptively simple design ensures you can store all of your bike accessories in one place; regardless of the type of bike. And all this for a fair price.

Stable and secure

Inside the Stasdock is a durable foam insert, which has been precision cut by an ultra 3D laser head. It is an essential part, because it keeps the frame from getting damaged and it offers the required stability. So you can service your bike easily, while it is mounted in the Stasdock. 
And to make sure nobody takes off with your bike without your permission, a notch is provided on top to accommodate a chain lock.