About Stasdock

Stasdock was invented by young entrepreneur Jasper. And, as is often the case at the start of successful companies, his story began with a challenge.

A student of innovation, a passionate cyclist and a beginning entrepreneur, Jasper met with a problem. He was living in a tiny apartment that housed not only his furniture, but also his racing bike, which, to put it mildly, could be a bit of an obstacle in his room. On top of that, every time he wanted to take it out for a spin, he needed to first hunt around for all his accessories. In short: Jasper recognized the challenge and went on a quest to address it.

He quickly realized there were solutions available on the market: mounting systems for racing bikes, the so-called bike docks. But he was not able to find one he liked well enough to hang it in his living-room and he had a feeling they didn’t need to be that pricey.

After talking to several Dutch manufacturers he concluded his hunch was correct. They could be manufactured for a lower price, and the design could be more practical and more durable!

And that’s how he started developing the Stasdock. Durability and design were the main objectives in the development stage and this is reflected in the materials, design and versatility of the Stasdock. It is a unique product, specially made for avid bike fans who wish to get out there without a moment to lose.